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Wake me when it's over, dear

Or "I Believe In You," Kylie Minogue's new single featuring the Scissor Sisters

The Scissor Sisters, much like Fischerspooner before them, seem like a good fit for Kylie. They both love electro, shoes, and pushing the envelope just a wee bit. But either they spent more time shopping for stage costumes or they clashed over which keyboard sounded more 80s; either way, "I Believe In You" is a snooze. The Sisters, who provide the musical backing, offer up b-side material to sing over. And though an exceptional singer can turn their lackluster accompaniment into something more palatable, what Minogue does on "I Believe In You" doesn't have enough oomph to accomplish such a thing.

It's not that the music is all that bad: the bass line pulsates in all the right places, keyboards shimmer like the Human League after a tune up, and the drums, well, they certainly keep the beat. But the whole thing sounds uninspired. You would think that the chance to collaborate with a pop princess would put some color in the Scissor Sisters' cheeks. But maybe they've had they're comfortable enough with their own celebrity to keep their thrill to a low buzz of amusement. It almost makes you wonder who proposed such a meeting. No matter though, the end result speaks for itself. The two camps are compelling on their own, and "I Believe In You" suggests that they should stay that way.

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