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Q and Not U interview

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It was probably the best night in October to go out to dance your ass off. The weather was temperate and the venue perfect (big ups to the Logan Square Auditorium!). The missing link was music, so who better to fill that role than Q and Not U? The band, who has recently released their third LP Power is the soundtrack to Election Night Fever, was ready to get people to shake it and maybe talk some politics along the way. Vocalist/bassist/guitarist Chris Richards was nice enough to lean against a building with me to answer a few questions I had on my mind.

Interviewed October 2nd, 2004.

Codebreaker: How long have you guys been on tour so far?

Chris Richards: We've been out for about a little over a week right now. It;s been in these little spurts where we go out for a few days and come home, go out for a few days and come home. So now we;re on a tour through the Midwest; we go back to New York for CMJ and then we go back to D.C. for just a couple more days. After that we have about three and a half weeks on the West Coast. So all in all it will be about five weeks of touring, but we've divided it up into these little... chapters, which has been nice.

Codebreaker: And how has it been going so far?

CR: Really well. We're playing a lot of new material that we're just getting used to. I think we tour a lot as a band, so the songs really become second nature to you when you're on tour so often. With all these new songs it's the first time we've been playing them, so it's just interesting to play a song like "Soft Pyramids" that we've probably played live over 250 times right after a song we're playing for the forth, fifth, sixth time. It's weird. Of course the older material feels very natural so it's really easy to slip on those. We're trying to just make it flow and all work together. I think by the end of the tour we'll have gotten our rhythm down.

To read the rest of the interview with Q and Not U, click here.

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