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The Return of the King(s)

Or "Drop It Like It's Hot," lead single from Snoop Dogg (featuring Pharrell) from the upcoming Rhythm & Gangsta LP

After the last N.E.R.D. album came out I was almost certain that we had seen the last of the Neptunes' glory days. They had gotten cocky, written a whole bunch of forgettable shit and expected to retain the supadupa star stature they had built up. Nelly's "Flap Your Wings" just about sealed the deal, despite its saucy drum line. This is what makes "Drop It Like It's Hot" such a kick in the head -- few guessed they'd make a track this white hot again.

Drawing on the same thought process that assembled the trash-can bash of "Grindin'," "Drop It Like It's Hot" is minimalist in all the best ways. Puffs of air swish in and out, mouth clicks snap, crackle and pop, and a hand clap/bass thump combo holds the beat steady. And once you hear the synth line in the pre-chorus that appears to be lifted from some 80s television show, you know for sure this is nothing short of amazing. The production will leave you so non-plussed, you'll hardly notice Snoop Dogg's comically sleepy rhyming. "Drop It Like It's Hot" is the Neptunes gone electro-plop and I love it to pieces. Let me get back to polishing your crowns, sirs.

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