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It's my wedding and I'll eat Cheetos if I want to

or "My Prerogative," the Bobby Brown cover from Britney Spears' upcoming "best of" collection

There's no doubt in my mind that this was the perfect choice for Britney Spears to cover. I mean, who better to cover than the Whitney-beating, cocaine-lovin' Bobby Brown and his "back the fuck up; you don't know me!!" hit, "My Prerogative." The girl's clearly let her self go. Long gone are the days of being squeaky clean and adorable. Hell, even the days of being sexy and vixen-like (which wasn't all that long ago, if you think about it) have gone the way of the boyband. This is kind like an acceptance speech for her, a chance to admit that she's rich white trash and she fucking loves it. Having two step-children, eating junk food non-stop, dating a skazzy rat of a dude -- it's exactly what she wants, and she's finally willing to cop to it. Good for you, Britney. Bad for everyone else. The music is not particularly true to the song, Brit Brit sounds haggard, and the song itself is nearly a minute shorter than the original. She's so irreverent that she doesn't even hold true to a cover! Teen pop is officially dead. Long live teen pop.

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