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Dry your sloppy tears, skinny rapper boy

or "You and Me," the second single of J-Kwon's debut, Hood Hop

I'd bet that if you've listened to pop radio at all in the last year that you've come across J-Kwon's pre-summer hit. You know -- the one that had drunken frat boys and hipsters alike tripping all over parties slurring, "Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbody in tha club gettin' tiiiippsy." And with good reason! "Tipsy" took the best part of Clipse's "Grindin'" (the mammoth, garbage can-esque drums) and recast it as an ode to something loosely related to underage drinking. With such a party-hearty attitude, you'd think dude would follow that up something just as infectious or at least stompable. Not the case, as it turns out. Instead we get a relatively wimpy rap/R&B duet with unknown vocalist, Sadiyyah. The background music is boringly elementary -- four bars of electric guitar strumming, looped to high heaven. Sadiyyah's voice is pretty but unremarkable and her chorus about not needing cash or cars is so goddamn recycled. What made me back up when I first heard the song was J-Kwon's voice. Instead of the calm and collected rapping we got when he was counting numbers, J-Kwon comes off squeaky and nervous -- like some boy straight outta' puberty. It's so irritating and all-consuming that I totally tune out what the song is about and pray for reprieve in the form of a harmless chorus. If this is the best single they could choose to follow up "Tipsy," the rest of his album must be a real earsore best listened to while under the influence.

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