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"I feel like arrows should be flying up and down my screen"

or "What You Waiting For," the first single from Gwen Stefani's solo debut, Love, Angel, Music, Baby

According to Gwennie herself, Love, Angel, Music, Baby, is not a solo record, it's "more of an art project." Uhh, right. The good news is that it's slated to have production from Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, Martin Gore, and New Order, as well as noted pop producer Dallas Austin. With expectations set high, "What You Waiting For" may disappoint like a nervous senior on prom night. The song starts off with Stefani playing piano and cooing to a "live crowd," but the walls of the quaint piano bar are ripped away and replaced with the set of a Japanese game show. Yes, this song sounds like it's J-pop. The song's beat is hyper-paced and crystalline sweet, like something Basement Jaxx would cast away as too straight forward. Stefani herself gives a surprisingly weak performance, considering that her last few singles with No Doubt have been solid. To make up for it, the production on her voice is tripled and processed into oblivion. The lyrics fare even worse, as the topic is the *yawn* trappings of fame. It's catchy and the off-chorus hook of "Take a chance you stupid ho" is mildly amusing, but the song remains utterly mindless and offers very little depth. Perhaps it was chosen to be the single because of its simplistic nature, and that the rest of the songs will be more challenging. I'm crossing fingers and toes until I find out for sure.

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