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Wait, wait, you're how old?

Or "Massive Cure," a track from She Like Electric, the debut album from Smoosh

Call me jaded or heartless, but for me a lot of times hearing children perform music is torture. Yes, I understand that they're just learning and that their parents think it's adorable (my parents sure did "love" hearing me play the flute), but it doesn't make me want to hear it any more. Enter Smoosh, a duo of pre-teen girls from Seattle that's vastly more talented than young age would usually permit. Asya, age 12, plays and write keyboard lines that bop like some of the better Fiery Furnaces guitar parts. Chloe, age 10, mans the drum kit and bangs out sharp, staccato beats to keep time. While both girls sing, Asya takes the lead, cooing in a sultry manner that will have parents telling their preteen sons that their bedtime has been moved up to "NOW!!" Smoosh is no novelty either; the girls have already released their first LP She Like Electric, have been covered by Cat Power (ok, she lip-synced along to, but still!), and opened for Pearl Jam last month. They're not relying on childish charm to get by, Smoosh are talented musicians that happen to be young. Just disregard what their website looks like, ok?

You can find more of their mp3s here and at Fluxblog.

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