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Her ass is a spaceship that I want to program to boogie constantly

Or the DFA remix of N.E.R.D.'s "She Wants to Move"

The mere thought of the Neptunes and the DFA sitting around in a recording studio fucking around is probably enough to get a few hipsters to soil themselves. The music they would make would surely be sent from the hand of god or the dancing ass of satan. While it's highly unlikely that these two brain trusts have actually met, listening to the DFA's remix of "She Wants to Move" might raise some doubts. Simply put, this remix is everything the Neptunes would do if rock were not the focus of N.E.R.D.

The term remix is a bit misleading in this song's case, as the DFA do away with the entire instrumental track in favor of their homegrown shit. The massive drum beat that propelled the original is replaced by handclaps (what the DFA do best), clenching hi-hats, and some played-down drum programming. When Pharrell calls for bass a twanging bass screaming of tenacity jumps in, totally obscuring thoughts of the lumbering thump that was its predecessor. The best part of the restructuring, hands down, is the removal of the corny piano/guitar-wank prechorus and the addition of an entirely appropriate and purposeful keyboard line. Of course the DFA are not ones to skimp with the goodies, so they also drop in digi-bloops, breathy synths, and some clinking percussion that's got me sweating. The only complaint the track leaves me with is that it's a tad bit drawn out. However, the overall white-hotness of this track totally overshadows its girth. I'll start the petition for collaboration as soon as the song's over, alright?

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