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Bleep bloop gwish doot doot beeeeeeeeep!

Or "Vietcaterpillar," from Black Moth Super Rainbow's debut LP, Start a People

There are few bands I can think of that have as bad a name as Black Moth Super Rainbow. The word black is used in one of every five bands' names. Rainbow is a total buzzword. Moth... ok, moth I have nothing on. Last but not least, super means nothing these days unless we're talking Super Mario Brothers. Fortunately for BMSR (I can't bring myself to write it out again), there is some correlation. The first few notes that open "Vietcaterpillar" are ripped from a long forgotten grey cartridge, and amusingly deceptive. No, the whole song isn't based on video game sounds (thank god, 'cuz there are enough bands that do that). It's a buzzy synth number with groovy bass licks and heavily affected vocals. The lyrics are unintelligible, but the vocals are more of another instrument than the guiding force of the group. The song's bridge, paved by faux high-hats and guarded by plumes of synth swirl not unlike those found in a Tangerine Dream song. By the time the song ends -- and it's only two minutes and 15 seconds long -- it's almost like you've come away with a calming buzz yourself. Regardless how awful this band's name is, they've got music to justify their existence, and I kinda like that.

You can find more of BMSR's music here.

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