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Smushed slowly from the side

OR Death From Above 1979's "Black History Month (Josh Homme remix)

When I hear that a rock guy's remixing another highly refixable rock band, I'm prone to listen (rock the rockist, ok). Josh Homme may be on a different plateau than your average rock dude (drug choices, drug choices), but he's still pulverizing ears with string-ed instruments. Homme's taking this seriously, though; no influence-licking refix (Serj, we know it). Opening like a mystery novel in a lap or some mellow stick figure movie, Homme's version and its carefully manipulated bells (sample? studio dickery for sure) float over ominous thumps and Sebastien Granger's voice at a dirge pace. We don't see traces of "Black History"'s buzzy original until 1:51, and it comes in like swooped-up bat. The cut and paste work feels old-timey and simple to come to, but entirely necessary. The original stops by long enough to remind you "this ain't Tortoise," then sinks back into the book in the lap and the final frames of the flick. You just got rocked long and slow. Sounds a lot better than Transplants slowed and cut, I'll tell you what.

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